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Paris Hilton: Liar!


March 17, 2008

RE: Paris Hilton’s New Show “Paris’ BFF,”

Hey Paris:
I will be your best friend.I will tell you that you are not a role-model to those teenage girls that love you.

I will tell you that having a new boyfriend and taking him to Vegas for weekend rather than taking him to Darfur or to help rebuild New Orleans’ impoverished Lower Ninth Ward, would be a better time well spent!

I will tell you that the best passage in the bible is “The Greatest of these is love -First Corinthians, Chapter 13.

I will show you several videos of yourself when you are 80 and wipe away your tears!

Nuff said!!!


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Indy still HOT at 65


WOW Harrison Ford loooooking good
The pic show below of Harrison Ford in the chair, was taken by Steven Spielberg himself. Hubba hubba, Mr. Ford is still SEXY at 65!!

AND how cool is this?
Raiders’ Karen Allen joins Ford on Indy 4
GOOD ON YOU HOLLYWOOD! Who says Actresses over 40 have
a low shelf life? She looks great for 55!

***I was peeved when the newest Die Hard movie didn’t bring
back Bonnie Bedelia (played John McClane’s wife, Holly)

Indiana Jones 4 NEWS
Karen Allen is to reprise her role of Marion Ravenwood from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, for the in-production fourth INDIANA JONES movie.

Shia Labeouf, Cate Blanchett and Ray Winstone also star alongside Harrison Ford in the new movie.

Indiana Jones’s past love interests will feature in the new film. That would include Kate Capshaw from TEMPLE OF DOOM.



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Word of the Day for Monday, August 13, 2007

bellicose \BEL-ih-kohs\, adjective:

Inclined to or favoring war or strife; warlike; pugnacious.


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Why I love George Clooney!


SO why haven’t the laws been changed? Diana, the Princess of Wales: did that tragedy not have any effect on the laws and changing them?

While the First Amendment protects the photographers’ rights to snap the photos if and when paparazzi use their vehicles as weapons, police can consider that a criminal action. “There seems to be no repercussions for the behavior. It’s starting to feel chaotic and lawless.”
-Actor Reese Witherspoon

George Clooney – Good Guy (Is anyone listening?)


Howard Kurtz interviews George Clooney
CNN-Aired October 26, 2003
Here are some excerpts of that interview:

KURTZ: You mentioned your father, an anchorman in Cincinnati for 30 years. What was it like — what was your view of the news business growing up in that household?

CLOONEY: Well, it was a really — you know, the heroes in my family growing up were newsmen, because if you look…

KURTZ: Like?

CLOONEY: Well, Edward R. Murrow, you know. You can point to Murrow and say easily, the man who started the ball rolling to bring down McCarthy, because of the set of those four television shows that he did on “See it Now”. When Cronkite stepped out from behind his desk, you could point to him and say he had a lot to do with the awareness of the rest of America about the Vietnam War. Woodward and Bernstein, certainly. You know, they have been overall a real service to us.

KURTZ: So, you go from that kind of very positive, almost glowing view of some of the journalistic heroes in the news business, and yet you became and have become a pretty sharp critic of the news business. Particularly several years ago, you kind of mounted, some would say, a crusade, a campaign against the paparazzi…

CLOONEY: Well, actually it wasn’t against the paparazzi. It was — everything I said — I’m always very careful about what I say. I grew up around it, so I’ve always been very, very careful about what I say. And I was much more concerned with — and, in fact, I’ve always said I will always defend their rights to be there. My problem is that — was with tabloid magazines that were creating news. I don’t mind someone trying …

KURTZ: To capture.

CLOONEY: If you capture me doing something dumb, I deserve it. I’m a public figure, for what that’s worth, and I’ll have to take my hits for it. But if I’m going to the airport and you’ve got some kid with a camera walking through there picking a fight with me or with my mother or my grandmother, which has happened, then you’re not trying to catch me doing something stupid. You’re trying to create it. So, that was my fight.

KURTZ: And so — and, in fact, I read about a case where a couple of 17-year-old kids with video cameras jumped out and made fun of a secretary you were walking with, so they’re trying to provoke you.


KURTZ: They’re trying to get you to do something that they can then turn into pseudo-news.

CLOONEY: Well, because, as you know, the line between — this is what Murrow used to talk about — the line between commerce and news is a really dangerous thing, and what is news. So, what happens is if you say to someone, all right, I’ll give you $400,000 for the first picture of Madonna’s baby, whoever comes up with it, there are a lot of people who are willing to break the law to do that. And that’s OK. It’s just dangerous, because, you know, it’s a difficult situation.
Look, I will forever defend their right to be there, because I’m willing to take the hits…

KURTZ: You don’t like it.

CLOONEY: Nobody likes it.

KURTZ: When you go out to restaurants, people taking pictures, you can’t like that.

CLOONEY: Right, but the difference is am I willing to put up with some portion of my life that’s uncomfortable rather than insisting on some sort of censorship, which I don’t.

KURTZ: Well, I want to take a look at a press conference you had several years ago on this very subject…


KURTZ: … where you drew the link between the paparazzi and the rest of the press. Let’s take a look at that.


CLOONEY: Maybe there is something that we can do about you — you and all of the editors, television and print — who purchase their news. Two words: Malicious intent. They are two words that every ethical journalist says is a loophole the tabloids hide behind.


KURTZ: So, the people in the mainstream media, they’re the enablers, right? They cough up big bucks to take the kinds of pictures that the very aggressive photographers are doing or situations that they’re provoking, in your view.

***NOTE from Miss: WHAT A GOOF!!! Provoking, George just stated that!!!!!!!!!!

CLOONEY: Well, there is sort of a bigger version of this, which is we know where the bottom feeders are. We know — we know — or we think we know basically how low we can go. My challenge has always been, who do we look for to give us straight news? Because when really good news organizations suddenly start buying their news — and we know about that. Everybody has done it at one time or another. And you’ve written about it as well. It starts to draw the line of where do we go for the really good stuff? We know where we can go for the bad stuff, because if certain great publications — “The Washington Post,” one of the most famous for journalism — starts to lower the bar, you don’t need two reliable sources maybe. Maybe you’ve got a couple of unnamed sources. If they start to lower the bar, then where – what’s to keep the others from doing that?

KURTZ: Well, since you brought up the “Post,” you recently — now that you’ve been in Washington for a few weeks and you’re getting covered a lot.


KURTZ: So, “The Washington Post” picks up an item from the “US News” that says Clooney is starting to get sick of Washington women, and you’ve threatened allegedly to cancel your health club membership because you went there to play basketball and these women would come and gather and watch you. Was that item true or false?

CLOONEY: No, it wasn’t accurate. And, in fact, there wasn’t…

KURTZ: It wasn’t accurate.

****NOTE from Miss: F**K Kurtz, let George talk!

CLOONEY: It wasn’t one word of it.
I wrote a letter to the editor about that.

KURTZ: And what happened?

CLOONEY: It didn’t get published, which was fine. I expect the same treatment as any American who writes a letter to an editor, which means you get probably one out of 100 printed. But my…

KURTZ: So, there was nothing about that item that was correct?

CLOONEY: Not one word. But the bigger problem was I didn’t have a problem with the item being incorrect. It’s a small story. There is a lot more important things going on in the world. My problem was that it was a very reputable paper taking a story from another paper, printing it and saying, well, we’re not culpable because we’re just reprinting somebody else’s story.
And I always have a problem with that, because I think that’s where the danger lies, because people are losing responsibility…

KURTZ: In fact, it was several years ago that you refused to go on “Entertainment Tonight” because you were unhappy with “Hard Copy,” which is owned by the same company. Why is that “Entertainment Tonight’s” fault if “Hard Copy” is chasing you down dark alleys?

CLOONEY: But they’re owned by the same company. And if, for instance, I go on “Entertainment Tonight” and they use promos and they help sell themselves — basically, you know, this is an old fight, and we’ve all gotten along since then. So, it’s sort of rehashing old stuff.
But the reason was that — the reason for the boycott basically was saying, look, I’m not going to help one part of this company make money so they can take that money and go buy videos from kids who have picked fights with me on another. I’m just not going to arm them. I don’t want to tell them they can’t do it, because I believe wholeheartedly that they have the right to do it. I just don’t want to help them do it.

KURTZ: Are things that are written about you often wrong? Is this a constant feature of your life?

CLOONEY: Yes, of course, but I think that’s anyone who is in the public eye, things are going to be wrong about you. The one thing you can’t do is constantly try to correct them. You have to just sort of take most of it.

KURTZ: I mean, I could argue that you benefit greatly from the press. The press projects an image of you as a big movie star. You get to be on the cover of “Vanity Fair.”

CLOONEY: Touche.

KURTZ: But some people don’t want to deal with the other part, which is sometimes the press writes things about you that are less than flattering.

CLOONEY: Absolutely. And that’s why you don’t hear me complaining about it. You know, I pick specific fights when I think that they are important, and those are the ones I…

KURTZ: But you do think that the media have gotten more tabloid. I mean, look, you know, the “National Enquirer” reports that Rush Limbaugh is a pill popper. Everybody else runs with it. The story turned out to be accurate.


KURTZ: A lot of tabloids (UNINTELLIGIBLE) Kobe Bryant, you name it.

CLOONEY: But the “National Enquirer” is now a reliable source. And the problem with that is not that the “National Enquirer” won’t break stories, because they will, because their — the level of information that they have to get is less. They won’t say, OK, well, we’re going to get two people on the record before we go on. They’ll print it with a little bit of an edge.
The danger is when I think when reputable news places start to compete with that. You’ve written about it. I’ve read stuff that you’ve written about it on the same subject, and it’s always a concern, you know, more than anything.

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Batman, Barbie swooped from Kids. You’re so Fired!


Someone at Mattel is sleeping………..
Barbie, Batman, PollyPocket added to the Land of Misfit Toys


Read article below:

Mattel recalls 9 million toys in U.S.

* Mattel recalling 18 million toys worldwide, 9 million in United States
* Mattel CEO says he’s sorry for the situation
* Die-cast car from Pixar’s “Cars” movie had lead paint concerns
* Barbie, Polly Pocket toys being recalled because of small magnets

BETHESDA, Maryland (CNN) — Toymaker Mattel is voluntarily recalling 9 million of its toys in the United States including popular characters such as Batman, Barbie, Polly Pockets and a toy from Pixar’s “Cars” movie because of hazards to children, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Tuesday.

“The company has ordered that all products be pulled off retail shelves,” said Nancy Nord, acting chairman of the commission.

Mattel is recalling 18.2 million magnetic toys globally and the majority of the toys are no longer available in stores.

Some of the recalled toys have magnets that can become dislodged and swallowed, and at least one has hazardous levels of lead in its paint.

“There is absolutely no excuse for lead to be found in toys entering this country. It is totally unacceptable, and it has to stop,” Nord told reporters.

Mattel Chairman Bob Eckert told CNN that his company has rigorous testing procedures in place and that it is reviewing its testing plans.

“Nobody likes recalls, and I apologize for the situation we’re all facing,” Eckert said.

“I’m disappointed, I’m upset, but I can assure your viewers that we’re doing everything we can about the situation,” he added.

Eckert said Mattel has changed the way it attached magnets to its toys to make them safer.

“We’re concerned, however, about toys that were made prior to these standards so we’re retroactively going for the five years these magnets have been used, and we want to notify consumers that if they have any of those toys, the magnets can dislodge and we want those toys back,” he said.

Mattel is urging consumers who bought the recalled toys to put them out of the reach of children immediately and make sure that none of the magnets have fallen out.

For Mattel, the parent company of Fisher-Price, it is the second toy recall in two weeks.

“Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects,” according to the CPSC. Lead paint can cause vomiting, anemia and even neurological damage.

In other news:
Mattel CEO learns HE is soooooooooo FIRED!


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Nothing happens unless first we dream -Carl Sandburg


If this doesn’t move you, touch you….

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Lindsay having fun

Los Angeles


In other news, Lindsay Lohen having fun. Wooo-wee!
Let her be, or better yet, perhaps post something other than her going to the grocery store or digging her own grave!

Real Help, not the Country Club help she is getting now, BUT REAL HELP. An INTERVENTION……..YES!!!!!!!!

Forget your paycheck, forget what the news is saying, forget pointing fingers on how she got there. DO SOMETHING! Be a Mentor, be that person to TELL her she is f*****g up her life OR how about JUST be a PARENT FOR HER, (not her friend).

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