Whopper turns 50, could easily pass for 45


Burger King’s signature sandwich, the Whopper, turns 50 this year, as illustrated by a timeline that points out how little it’s evolved in 50 years. Hell, some of those original Whoppers might still be in circulation today.

This is a happy occasion for Burger King, because a wax facsimile of its “flame-broiled piece of perfection” will be added to the Madame Tussauds collection today.
Details on how the wax copy differs in taste or texture from the original were not available at press time.

Previous high points for the Whopper include Ellen DeGeneres’s consumption of one on stage back when she did stand-up (thereby making the Whopper America’s gayest sandwich).

Also, more Whoppers are eaten on New Year’s Eve than any other day (because you’re already drunk, so why not?).
Three cheers for the Whopper, and may those who eat it regularly last as long as it has. -by David Kiefaber


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