Universal Studios offers one fan a very McFly gift!


In conjunction with the upcoming closure of the “Back to the Future,” the studio has announced it is giving away one of the stainless steel 1981 DeLoreans that served as inspiration for Doc Brown’s flux capacitor-equipped time machines.

Christopher Lloyd, who starred in the “Back to the Future” films alongside Michael J. Fox, zoomed over to Universal Studios Hollywood earlier this month to announce the contest as the “Back to the Future – The Ride” plans to close its doors on Labor Day.

“Have your mechanic check the ‘flux capacitor” —Doc Brown


DeLorean to bring back car

The DeLorean, which was the famous gull winged car that featured in the Back to the Future movies, might get a second life. The DeLorean Motor Company is said to be making plans to bring the car back, and will only produce a limited number.

The DeLorean ended production back in 1982 in Northern Ireland, so although the car has not been in production for 25 years it still has a huge following. Over 9,000 of the vehicles were built, and out of that there are still 6,500 which are still on the road today.

Although the car did not sell enough to keep the company afloat, the DeLorean still lives on as it has cult status due to the car appearing in all three Back to the Future movies.


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